Tomorrow, November 17th, is the last day for our Thanksgiving Meal Food Drive. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far! There is still time to bring the items listed below in on Wednesday before 3pm.

_____ Canned Corn                                                    _____ Chicken Broth

_____ Stuffing Mix                                                    _____ Canned Olives

_____ Canned Sweet Potatoes/Yams                         _____ Canned Cranberries

_____ Mini Marshmallows                                         _____ Tin Foil Pan

_____ 5-pound bag of potatoes                                  _____ Roll of Tin Foil

_____ Gravy Mix                                                        _____ Other Non-Perishables

_____ Instant Mashed Potatoes                                  _____ Winco $30 Gift Card

_____ Canned Green Beans                                       (for turkey and/or perishables)

Our annual Book and Blanket Giving Tree has officially started! If you are interested in sponsoring one or more students, please call our office at (503) 399-3198 and ask for Samantha (Sam) Gibson. This year we are opening the event up to all students, so if you did not receive the green information form for your student(s) or have misplaced it, please call the office, and let Sam know.

THERE’S STILL TIME: If you are interested in receiving a Thanksgiving Meal Box or receiving Christmas gifts for your children, please reach out to Sam before Friday the 19th. Thanksgiving boxes will be getting distributed early next week.

We greatly appreciate all our Wright families and staff coming together and showing so much support to one another! Thank you all for your continued trust, commitment, and dedication to making Wright a great place to be!