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Books for Bohol

Used Book Drive

Wright Elementary - Books for Bohol Book Drive

October 6th - October 20th

Bohol is an island province of the Philippines; the majority of the island natives live in poverty. Most of the adults in Bohol can read only at a 3rd grade level or lower. Recently, education has become more of a priority in the Philippines. Sadly, during Typhoon Odette they suffered devastating losses, with books being one of those. Less than 1/3 of all children in Bohol have ever owned a book. Access to books is very limited for this island.

A former Wright Elementary parent: Carl Crowell now lives in Bohol and has started this project to help get books in the hands of Bohol children. So far, they have distributed over 2,400 books! Books are boxed and shipped by Carl and his family at no cost to us.

From October 6th through October 20th, Wright Elementary will be collecting gently used books to send to the island. The requirements for books to be donated are as follows:

1) Gently Used books ONLY (no new books or money will be accepted) – because of the high humidity and weather conditions books get moldy and are unusable in 2 years.

2) Book levels should be: Early readers, picture books, or 2nd or 3rd grade chapter books. Anything above these will be too hard for the children and most of their adults to read. They will accept books up to a 6th grade level, but the need is for the younger levels.

3) Books should be clean, with no ripped pages, SOME coloring or writing in a book is okay.

Please be mindful when sending books with your student, make sure the books are in a condition that will help the children and families of Bohol enjoy reading together.

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