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Mental Wellness & Crisis Resources

As a school community we can offer hope, help, and strength. 


You Are Not Alone

The following resources can help you or someone you know find hope, get through this moment, build resiliency for later, connect to others, and learn how to help someone. Help is available, and we hope you find the information you need.

If you are in pain and considering suicide, there is help. Contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by calling 988. 

If you or someone you are supporting is in imminent danger or a life-threatening situation, please contact 911.

Two sad students

Student Safety

Confidential help is available for those who have experienced and an unsafe relationship, harassment, or assault.

Find help on the Student Safety page

Care Solace It's ok to ask for help

Help for Students, Staff & Families

Complimentary and confidential mental health and substance abuse services available 24/7/365 in any language.

Learn how to access Care Solace 

People go through difficult times, and it is not uncommon to explore options to ease or stop the pain. Talking to someone about suicide does not increase the risk of suicide and the conversation provides an opportunity for connection and support. 

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, there is help available.